Saturday, June 25, 2005

Strange behaviour of the blog cms..

As I maneuvered into the blog 'dashboard', I found something quite strange: The usually 1.5-2 cm wide edit buttons were suddenly 5-7 cm wide. Is this some freak accident which happens every time someone visits the page, or is it something that has to do with the coding?

Either way, that's not what I was thinking of when entering the site today :-)

Some design...
Well, I continued the design of the crossword site today, adding some nifty 'background-repeating-thingies' (borders that look good, using photoshop good old gradient...). Of course, I ran into some problems, the foremost being the psitioning of the different images... Since you can't put more than one background image in a div (or other element), I had to try working around this problem. I wanted a design using rounded corners and gradients between the menu background colour to the main background colour. This gave me the problems of having two corners and three sides being covered by two divs only. Certainly I could have skipped the gradient and only made soft corners, but since the client impled that they wanted a certain design, who am I to say no to a challenge? ;-)

Either way, since it's midsummers eve (swedish 'almost-holiday'), I decided to go the easy way - I got rid of one gradient, moved one corner to an almost unused div (...) and decided to put away the last corner until tomorrow, even though I believe know how to position it :-)

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