Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Today I started rebuilding one of my old computers so it should work as a HTPC (Home Theater PC)

Of course I had to start by putting the TV card in, and actually find the drivers for it. This wasn't easy, but after a couple of hours I had TV on the PC, using freeware drivers since I couldn't find any old driver section on the manufacturers website. The worst thing in the process, was that the computer had to be rebooted a few times because of freezing. After figuring out the problem here (some bad driver...), I had to search for ages before finding anything to use for the remote control.

After all this hassle, I found out/remembered that the sound had to be connected on the outside, and of course I didn't have a cable for it.... meaning that in the end I'll have to buy a new card to get it with sound and everything - just as well, since I want to try getting a digital tv tuner card anyway :-)

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