Monday, June 20, 2005

Finally some action

I finally got an email from the guy I'm working with, saying that we can start planning more on the crozzword site we're going to make. I'll start with a simple design, of course considering Usability and other issues.

I'll probably start off by creating a some simple div's with images, conitnuing with a simple image which is supposed to remind of a crossword - gebius isn't it? ;-)

Continuing I'll create three boxes on the right for news, updates etc, while a menu will be on the right, showing different kinds of puzzles and settings. On top, users will see - except for logo and crossword image - their earned points, login-name etc.

We'll see how that goes, and how it develops until end :-)

Now I'm just waiting for my two books to arrive from amazon: Unleashed and for Web Designers, so I can make a good impression on the coding for the client ;-)

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