Saturday, June 11, 2005

Time for some testing

I decided to test w.bloggar for use with blogger, and it seems to be working perfectly. Nice being able to write while on the ferry or in a train without a connection, since that's when I actually have time. The ability to update both this and the blog I share with my girlfriend is pretty nice :-)

At the moment I'm trying to install Windows 2003 on another computer . and it's not going as easy as I had foreseen... I'm having some trouble coming online with it. I so far succesfully installed Firefox and ZoneAlarm Pro on the machine, without a need to go online, since I had those programs already. Together with MSOffice, it's the only installed programs at the moment.

For some reason nothing associated to getting online seems to be working - I'm starting to think I should make a clean install. So far I've tried ipconfig un der the cmd prompt, the Net connection wizard and of course I've also gone through all the settings I could think of in Zonealarm...

Everything else seem to be working fine, except for the Service Control Manager telling me that at least one service or driver failed during system startup, I wonder if that could be where I should look...

I'll just find a way to reinstall the drivers for the network card before trying anything else - luckily I can get online and download drivers with the WinXP installation on the same machine :-)

After a while logged in to XP, I found out which driver was used there. When trying to install the same on Win 2003 it took a while before I had any luck with it - the usual way going through the device manager wouldn't work with that driver, the same thing was the case for other ways I tried... I finally went back to WinXP, download another driver and went back into W2k3 and managed to install - after a few MS warnings about the Cnet driver hadn't passed this and that. I'm happy that neither XP or 2k3 takes time to startup or shut down at least.

Tomorrow I'll be studying Usability for my exam on wednesday - the book we've been using is Steve Krug's Don't make me think, which is one of the best I've seen in that area. Hopefully I will also find out how to create an Amazon recommendation box here, giving a chance to publish book reviews and recommendations here :-)

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