Sunday, January 22, 2006

Thesis thoughts

I've started considering which subjects could be interesting for my thesis. The projects and courses I've had in my M.Sc. of IT have had a main focus on Computer Graphics (three courses, both theoretical and practical with programming and the wysiwyg tool 3ds Max) and Computer Vision (three projects).

I've ordered a couple of books (C# Complete and AJAX in Action - the AJAX book will probably not be part of the thesis, but I'll use it for work, and maybe for a later version of the tool I create in the thesis)

On the side, I'm currently working on some projects involving danish municipalities who check the quality of their healthcare. This will be done using a questionnaire which I finished building the admin interface for yesterday.

Another project I have my own test server up and running, using Apache, PHP and MySQL - with PHPMyAdmin as admin interface. This is where I'll test AJAX, and see how interesting it actually is.

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