Sunday, January 29, 2006

The fourth and fifth options

Looking at the options from January 25th and 26th, I am now considering a few more options for combining Computer Graphics and Computer Vision in a thesis project:
  • Using a camera to make a video of the background, with the camera moving around. With a moving background, inserted CG objects would have to track features in the background to seem like they belong in the scene, showing the same motion and relative size and rotation no matter how the camera moves. To make this a complete project, some more challenge would need top be added - which I'll try to think of in the next few days, before our starting meeting on Thursday, February 2nd.
  • The fourth could be "reversed", having a background made in CG and moving objects - such as humans walking around - be inserted in the CG scene. This is too much like the old People Tracker project we made earlier though, so probably wouldn't be interesting to make.
Both of these options would need some extra challenge included to be interesting in the end - but at the moment I include all I can think of :-)

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