Thursday, January 26, 2006

The next option

One option I recently thought of for the thesis application, is a tool for making movies. Or rather, to make "monster movements" in movies.
  • The idea would be to create a person tracker - which we've done before - which also tracks the movement of person parts, like for example the arms, or maybe even the single fingers. This would of course be a more difficult project than most other options, considering what the software would have to tak into account to track a persons bodyparts. Not only can the parts suddenly become hidden - like when a person turns around and one person is behind him or her, seen from the camera position - but it would also have to take into account such things as shadows changing and clothes having colors similar to the background... Of course, an option would be to have a one colored screen behind the person, which can be replaced by the movie scene, but what if you're on a low budget and don't have an actual studio - this could instead be a tool for the everyday person, creating a home movie and then altering the look of any person on the screen, whereafter the new look follows in the place and with the rotation of the person who was replaced.
This option probably won't be chosen, but could still be interesting - and it's always good to write down your thoughts right ;-) My other options so far can be found at the end of a previous post.

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