Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thesis project decided

The final decision for the thesis has been taken. The project will, using a simple and short description, be about inserting 3D objects (houses) in a video feed (taken from a plane flying over the island Bornholm). This will be done using image analysis to find the spots to insert the houses on, tracking methods will determine where the house should be in the next image, and geometrical information will help in determining the rotation and scaling of the houses.

I will start by finding useful geometric information in still images, and finding the camera calibration. This information will then be used to find two vanishing points, drawing up the horizon vanishing line. The third direction needed will either be found through geometrical information or by using the camera calibration matrix. The methods used can be found more described in Computer Vision books (for example 3-D Computer Vision and Multiple View Geometry, which I would recommend).

After creating this "house on landscape insertion algorithm", I will work with my thesis partner, who by then hopefully has created an application to find and track places where the houses should be placed in the video feed.

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