Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Coordinate Arrays and Basic GUI Usability

There are some very simple things one can do to alter images. One of those is to simply do everything manual - clicking on each cordinate manually instead of creating automatic functions for finding suitable coordinates in the images.

In the first version of my code, I simply clicked in the image I had and got the (x,y)-coordinates of the latest clicked location. Of course, having coordinates is helpful, but one position is not enough to actually do anything with the image(s). The code for showing the coordinates in a textbox was simply the following:

private void pictureBox1_MouseClick(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
Coord1_Txt.Text = "X:" + e.Location.X.ToString() + " Y:" + e.Location.Y.ToString();
//The textbox called Coord1_Txt will show something like "X: 432 Y:123"

As can be seen, there's no magic, and therefore no need to further comment it. If we instead want to show four coordinates we could for example make it complicated and use four clicks and show each in a new textbox - which I don't find very sexy at all.... Instead I'll create an array, which can be used later when clicking 'OK', to send to the next thing we want to do :-)

I'll simply make an array with eight empty buckets - four used for the x-values and four y-values. Each time I click on the image the two first empty buckets will be filled. At the same time, I'll fill textboxes with the values. The textboxes could also have a radiobuttons beside them, letting the user change the values by selecting and clicking again on a new location. All of this is completely meaningless for my part of the thesis project, since I'll get all the coordinates I need from my project partner when he creates a tracking algorithm. However, to test my own part I need some coordinates to play around with, meaning I would have to wait for his part to finish if I didn't do anything myself....

Hopefully I can update this page tonight or early tomorrow with the results of my new experiments.

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