Sunday, February 19, 2006

Self made samples

Because we still didn't get the sample videos and 3D models, I created a short video feed of our own, using 3Ds Max to create a landscape with one plane to stand out and be tracked.

I will shortly create a 3D model to use as a house which can be inserted in the video feed. However, first I'll have to consider which format to use by finding out which are common for use with Managed DirectX, which I will most probably use for combining video and 3D models in the end.

The video will be showing the landscape from various angles, meaning the houses should also be shown in different angles. This gives reason to create 3D models in a format where the corners of the house can be easily differentiated, so that we can say for example which corner of the 3D model is always at the same corresponding point in the video. As soon as I find a few good tutorials for Managed DirectX I'll make a post here with those links. If I find a vast amount of tutorials, I will use ones which are aimed at my experience level. I have experience of OpenGL with C++, but no experience of C# with any type of graphics - or DirectX with anything. However, I don't believe the difference is too extreme, so these tutorials probably won't take that much space in here...

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