Monday, March 06, 2006

Managed DirectX Tutorials

Since I'm just starting with MDX, I had to take some beginner tutorials in the subject. Most of those tutorials require some prior knowledge in C#, but considering this they are mostly well created and easy to follow. My three favorite beginner MDX tutorials are:
I believe all three work with the February DirectX SDK, even though I haven't completed all of them. Even though these take you a bit on the way, I believe getting a book is necessary sooner or later - but more on that another time.

Regarding my thesis project, it has been going slowly forward. I now have a simple MDX application to build on. I will continue by finding out how to do image rectification before texturing the ground plane. This will be followed by inserting 3D models of houses on top of the ground plane, hopefully giving a realistic look. Of course, the models have to be scaled and rotated according to coordinates on the ground plane - but that shouldn't be too hard once the images/frames from the video feed have been rectified.

Obviously, image rectification doesn't only lead to the possibility of inserting 3D models, but also ta actually create a 3D model of the ground plane itself, if enough information can be extracted from the original video.

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