Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Finished "Hello Triangle"

Most languages you learn usually have something called "Hello World" as a first tutorial - most often simply printing "Hello World!" on the screen. This could be in a message box, a browser or a console window, but whichever it is, they are all very simple and short - often around 5 lines of code or less. I just finished my first "Hello Triangle", which could be seen as the Computer Graphics programming language equivalent of "Hello World".

As can be seen in the image, it's a very simple render of a triangle with corners having three different colours which blend into eachother towards the middle.

Compared to what I know from OpenGL with C++, and what it took to make the first triangle there, this seemed more straight forward - using Managed DirectX with C#. Most commands are what they are called, and most of the time the things you need make sense - but it still takes some coding before actually getting a result. Compared to the 5 lines or less of "Hello World", this version of "Hello Triangle" took almost 100 lines... and it doesn't even move yet ;-)

The things you have to do, in short, are to initialize the graphics by setting up a device (graphics card), some presentparameters (for example windowed mode or full screen), create a buffer of vertices (points in space/on screen which binds your shape together). When this has been rendered it has to stay "alive", so you loop the application until it's shut down. After shutting down, it's always a good idea to dispose the graphics from memory ;-)

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