Sunday, May 07, 2006

OpenCV stuff

I've started learning how to use OpenCV over the last few days. That's the Open Source Computer Vision Library. While learning some of it, I've been using my thesis partners code to get my hands dirty a bit faster. The problem with this approach is of course that you don't have full control of all parts, and there's always something there to supprise you. At the same time, when you're trying to avoid unpleasant suprises, you might end up making a mistake because of that. So I just spent 1-2 hours trying to figure out why nothing was drawn in the images/frames in the video. The fix: put the line-drawing before rendering the frame ;)

What I'll be doing this week is something like the following
  1. Calculate and draw the normals in the corners of the tracked building. Here I'll use the camera calibration matrix K together with the vanishing line (the "horizon") to find the third vanishing point.
  2. Calculate extrinsic parameters (position and orientation) in 4-5 frames, using the tracked building corners.

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