Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Augmented Reality

I've had some progress this past week. Different parts of the application were put together, giving a result where you can put a 3D model on top of an object (or on the ground, a wall etc.) in a background image.

The house/box was made in 3Ds Max, and is of course supposed to have the same orientation as the ground in the background, and look like it's placed on top of four dots on the ground, with appropriate size. The red lines below the box/house are supposed to continue in the same directions as the house wall corners - which they are obviously not, even though close for now. The red lines in the image under the house/box are supposed to go from the house corners to the third vanishing point - meaning that the house is a bit off, but not extreme. I'm guessing that it has something to do with the intrinsic camera parameter estimation, but I also know that there's some problems with making those parameters fit with Managed DirectX, since they are not of the same type....

I basically started again from nothing at the start of last week, worked 6-10 hours a day and came up with this. It's great progress for just a week. This week I'll make a new part of the program, after "resting" from it (actually doing my study job) for two days. The new part will be a camera calibrator, where a user can click a few times on an image, write some measurements, and then get the camera parameters for it.

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