Sunday, January 07, 2007

New side project - Ajax CV

I've decided on creating a new small side project, which should work well with my job search while hopefully also teaching me something new. A simplified description is that the site should show my CV accompanied by a calendar with the usual year, month, day interface selection. I'll also decide of information should be saved in a database, or an xml file (I'd usually just make it in mysql, but I I'd like to improve my understanding of xml).

To refresh my memory of Ajax, I'll start by going through the developerWorks 'Mastering AJAX' series, occasionally sidetracked by tutorials on for example drag-and-drop interfaces and form accessibility with unobtrusive javascript. Using this, entries in the calendar will be easy to move from different days or times, and both time and date as well as different types of entries (of course depending on labels) can be easily searched. If anything is unclear in a CV then, this calendar should be simple to search for example to find the projects on certain dates, or the length in time of certain projects.

I'll be updating here, while working on the project, and can hopefully give more tips related to this type of development :-)

Meanwhile, I am of course continuing the development of 'Pho2Model' - which I'm also trying to think of a new name for (there's a similar application with a very similar name). I'm almost done implementing a solution which should make the triangulation much more robust. If this doesn't work well enough, I have limited time to implement a method I have seen in several similar applications, meaning there will be three tested methods. At least I know which conclusions to draw from each part already, even though the testing is far from done (I'm 95% certain I won't be proven wrong by further testing).

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