Saturday, October 21, 2006

Side project - Rhino3D Stadium modelling

I just started a small side project, to relax from the programming with some 3D modelling - even though I'm programming a 3D modeller. Does that sound weird? Well, I can live with that...

The first image to the right is what the model looks like after a days work. I base it on images from and measurements from the city archives. The stadium is called Olympia, and stands in the city of Helsingborg, Sweden. I've been looking a bit on a couple of tutorials for the conversion of the stadium into games such as FIFA 07 and PES. The process of building the stadium is pretty straight forward, simply using surfaces to create one small part at a time. This way, I created a single part of the South Stands of the stadium and then copied it to be the same size as the pitch width (second image, on the left side).

From this, it was easy to change the textures (which were originally applied by simply selecting a quad and setting the basic material texture to whichever image was needed for that piece) and get the result on the next image. Before rendering that image, I also substituted a couple of ad screens for a big screen where re-runs and video from other matches are shown.

The arena has two standing short sides, while the long sides are seated. The short sides basically look the same, while the long sides have very different features from eachother. The stadium is seen as Swedens most beautiful, but will be rebuilt to accomodate more people in a few years.

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