Thursday, August 31, 2006

Texture creation from multiple photos

When creating a 3D model from photos, you of course want some textures for the walls etc. However, when taking photos of the building you wish to model, some parts of the buildings may be occluded buy other objects, such as trees, cars or other buildings. If this is the case from all angles you take the photos from, you'll probably want to get rid of the occluding objects when creating the textures, so you only get the pixels which are actually showing the wall. One option, which I wouldn't recommend, is to take the average colour values showing the wall. Another option could be to detect the occluding object, and not use those pixels when taking pixel values from that particular view. The method used in my project was the following:
  • Get the homographies between different views from point correspondences - where the simplest method uses four clicks in the corners of the wanted texture. Using only four point might give a lower accuracy on the homography, but gives good enough results for an architectural scene, where you don't go too close to the buildings.
  • For each pixel in the wanted texture:
    1. Find corresponding coordinate in in each clicked image (using the homographies).
    2. Put the pixel values for the coordinate in a histogram.
    3. Find the maximum occurence value in the histogram, thereby determining the value of the texture coordinate.

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