Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Video perspective distortion rectification

Well... the title says it all - need I say more?

This Thursday - two days away - I need to have the next step of the MDX application ready!! This means, at least, the following substeps, since my last post:
  • Creating a ground plane (a quad in Managed DirectX), which uses a video as texture. This substep was finished today, after a lot of trouble - mostly because there's next to no information about video textures with Managed DirectX. I almost gave up and changed to OpenGL, but since I want to learn as much MDX as possible I let it take the time it took.
  • Creating a new house mesh, which has the same size (at least proportions) as the place in the video, and a texture of its own.
  • Finding the homography (coordinate correspondences) between "real world coordinates" and the current frame in the video texture. This means calculating a new homography matrix for each frame, which of course may slow down the application. This can hopefully later be moved to HLSL instead, to let the graphics hardware take care of it whichever way it likes.
  • Setting texture coordinates of ground plane, according to the homography matrix.
  • Setting location and orientation of the house mesh, according to coordinates from the video texture, combined with the homography. However, the coordinates come from clicks in my thesis partners application, meaning I'll have to wait for those before doing anything final.
  • Fixing a lot of smaller and bigger issues (same texture showing on house and ground, video texture not updating without user input, application not completely stopping/disposing all when closing window etc.).
Future TODO's include
  • Doing all matrix calculations in graphics hardware - hopefully speeding the application up considerably.
  • Rendering the result and creating a "de-rectification" on the rendered video.
  • Obviously, clean up and comment the code more :-)

The image shows a sample frame of the latest version. The house mesh is positioned on top of the red square, but with the same texture as the ground plane.

As has been previously described, the ground plane will be changed to make the red square completely straight (perspective distortion rectification) in the current frame. This will give the effect of the image sides becoming crooked, while giving the opportunity to easier place the house on top pf the ground plane. The house will then, obviously, be placed with location and orientation according to the square.

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